LOT <— Spoken-Word Script – SWS

Life Of Transformation,
LOT comes through Him alone.
Even things which remain undone,
Like the genesis of creation,
When God put the pieces together
Even before, we’re zygote in the womb of mother.

Life Of Transformation,
LOT brings to bear renewal of the mind.
As in the Scriptures, ‘Metanoia’ Ancient lingua you can find,
That’s when His Spirit communicate with us through revelation,
Behold, He’s the Master of change
No matter, how we picture His heavenly range.

Life Of Transformation,
LOT not about the possession of wealth.
But, how you and I can live long through His divine health,
Abba – Father, is the sole pivotal solution,,
Well, the world system see it different
Lo, it quite unfortunate due to the associate intent.

Life Of Transformation,
LOT as you accept Him as your Saviour.
In order to have positive character and behavior,
By virtue of price-paid on the cross, to aid our redemption,
That’s when we’re living in the shameful act of sin
Yet He rescued us from destruction of hell and dirt-death like a dust-bin.

Life Of Transformation,
LOT lies in the bosom of those who believe.
And have kept His message in their heart, not to deceive,
That’s what leads to eternal promotion,
Beloved, this is specially for you today
In Biblical context, as you soul live to stay and not decay.

Life Of Transformation – LOT


Written By Ike Boat – Poetrician ‘Award-Winning Spoken-Word Artiste
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ICU – Poem

I Can’t Understand – ICU <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

I can’t understand,
ICU, not until ‘I See You’.
Why this to our fellow ‘Old Saint’?
Who’s studied to reach extra-mile on our land.
Really, my heart’s broken and soul about to faint.
Why such gruesome murder, you people of Denkyira Obuasi?
No,I can’t even think far to compare you to folks of Kumasi.
Captain Maxwell Adams Mahama demands justice,
To ensure those hot bloody hands become cold like morning ice.
His death is brutally bad!

I can’t understand,
ICU, not until ‘I See You’.
Why this to our fellow ‘Old Saint’?
Am sure he didn’t use the pistol to rob or command.
But, in your numbers lynched and spilled his blood like the paint.
Why all of you, the village multitude,
With such a barbaric inhuman attitude.
Pictures and images of his lifeless body brings emotion,
That’s why we can’t ignore it attention, not to mention.
His death makes me mad!

I can’t understand,
ICU, not until ‘I See You’.
Why this to our fellow ‘Old Saint’?
So, you dared maltreated him, handsome man in the sand.
How come you collapsed his joint?
After all, he’s not a predator,
But, you burned and turned to be his perpetrator.
This lives and leads the ‘Poetrician’ absolutely uncomfortable,
And the lives of ‘The Saints’ unbearable and unforgettable.
His death has made us so sad!



Joel Osteen

Below is a special poem of dedication to Joel Osteen (JO) in USA

Joel Osteen,

A great man of valor and reputable author

Whom multitudes have seen,

Blessed of His unmerited favor as a pastor.

Joel Osteen,

He’s touching lives from continent to continent

Being a blessing to people of all ages, even the teen,

Indeed, making all and sundry feel content.

Joel Osteen,

God’s gift to the Body of Christ and humanity

His words come through him, like the triumphant entry of a king and queen,

It obvious he wants all to discover their salvaged destiny in line with eternity.

Joel Osteen,

With better-half, the anointed first lady Victoria

Of course, blessed with children of beauty and being ever-green,

Aside, their missions to many countries and maybe Syria.

Joel Osteen,

VIP of His marvelous light

With a bit of humor, not mean but keen,

As he often receive power and wisdom from God’s ultimate might.



Poem: HOP


Heart Of Poems,
The outcome of this writing gift
Its yearning became high, like in the elevator-lift
HOP passion, has been there for so many years
As some have gone through the human-ears
It’s like mission impossible
But the patience and essence made it available
You, the reader must embrace it rhythmic rhymes
Obviously, being a form of literary device schemes
It centered on five major categories of life.

Heart Of Poems,
Introduces you to the deeper writing skills
Of course, some bitter like the doctors prescribed pills
HOP project, is not regret nor reject of your hand
It’s meant for the brain to think and expand
As a vision to accomplish,
In order to make you and I flourish
So, it better to enjoy to the end
For, it’s like a food the stomach depend
Try and get copies for your family, be it husband or wife.





It’s the Eleventh Day of November in 2016 around 7am in the morning. Obviously, the setting within Amanful West suburb had attracted men and women doing some finishing touches of the ADLLA project work by means of decorations to bring about celebration and commencement of community education to ensure academic satisfaction. As eye-witness account, I caught glimpse of red, white and blue colours of clothes and party flags hanged on high like Britain and America getting ready to commemorate their festival of independence. Close by too, there’s spread of gravels on a semi-wet ground and arrangement of huge blocks at the opposite directions of ADLLA left and right. Simultaneously, painting was going on both at the forecourt and back classroom as some helping hands were screwing the tables to ensure firm stability of their positions. There’s also cleaning of dusty books at the library, sweeping of the floor, wiping of the glass-gate, planting of tree-like flowers and typing of the opening program line-up. Within an hour or two, a taxi-cab came with the public address system which included two large speakers, three microphones and a console. There’s arrangement of chairs at the opposite sides of ADLLA where leaders and the general public sat as program-line up continued reshaping to commence the official opening of ADLLA. Surprisingly, the call to participate in the Polling Agent training came untimely as it coincided with the spectacular event of the night within Amanful West community. However, having attended and spent bit of time at the Polling Agent training,permission was asked to take leave and be at the ADLLA official opening which was significant sights and sounds of the night with incredible attendance by folks of the suburb, even some from afar.When the event started, the community school boys and girls thrilled and wowed the audience with education-related drama, poetry recitals and spelling-bee contest which some won books as well money prizes in the evening. Lest I forget, there’s in-depth explanation of the country’s economy and financial misappropriation of the city’s development as well some aspect of education by the incumbent MP of Takoradi in the personality Honourable Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah. Aside that, the ADLLA project together with the pavement pathway which also had it official opening to pedestrians and vehicle coming to and fro within the community. That means, there’s ribbon-cut at the junction of road upwards and later the crowd present walked with the Executive Director of ADLLA ‘Honourable Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah’ towards the other ribbon which was also caught signifying the official opening of this first ever community library and learning space as a hub in Amanful West of Takoradi, Western Region of Ghana in West Africa.When the Library door opened, some of the school boys and girls entered to view the stock of books, touching of the Ipads, the Computers and tables as well as chairs for learning in order to ensure academic success in the Amanful Community. Some of the personalities who vocally shared on the microphone included, Samuel Afrifa, Mr. Justice Acquah, Jerry Amponsah, the New York journalism student and patriot campaigner, Sir Justice Dadzie, veteran teacher, Mr. Charles Danso, the Assemblyman of Amanful West community, Madam Felicia Ahenkorah, also a professional teacher and the main man of the night Honourable Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, Parliamentary Candidate of the New Patriotic Party.
‘My ADLLA Opening Descriptive Article’. Thank you very much for reading and it’s available for your sharing.

Poem : TMM

The Music Mind – TMT

The Music Mind,
Comes with lines of lyricism
And it verses connect with euphemism,
Yet, we tap the feet, shake hands to bind.

The Music Mind,
Sometimes, sleep not
Like the cooking African pot being hot,
But, the studio and audio makes one rewind.

The Music Mind,
Makes you feel the rhymes and rhythms of the beat
Whiles the instruments and sound bring it repeat,
Towards what the soul search to find.

The Music Mind,
Describes all what we want to embrace
Regardless of our race and place to trace,
And does not make us left behind.

The Music Mind,
Provides, the legend and stars to reward
As we stand and walk to move forward,
To entertain humanity as mankind, to feel kind.

#TMM - The Music Mind

                          #TMM – The Music Mind

The Award


The Award,

It’s a must to say thank God.

For the hand of writing and the brain for reading.

Which source from nature’s inspiration and observation,

Through thorough meditation which brings about inner motivation.

From nowhere,i perceive this is getting somewhere

As a chap,growing-up from the Amanful suburban street over here.

It’s like riding bicycle to move forward.

Yet i was involved in lots of things following passion,

In order to ensure what’ll lead to this as profession.

The Award,

It’s time to shout ‘Hallelujah’ ! ! !

As i still express gratitude to friends,fans and families.

For making this a possibility in utmost reality.

It’s been times of consistency and hard-work to bring about felicity

To embrace this as worthwhile achievement,

Which will lead to the poetry talent development.

As i accept and cherish this as wholesome reward.

May He continue to give ideas to write,

With the inner-most joy to act and recite.


The Award