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SSM: Poem

SSM #ThePromoPoem-TPP

Title: Samanti Super-Market

Samanti Super-Market,
You’ve come at the right time.
As some products are uneasy to find or get.
You’ve made it possible for all with little dime.
Just count on SSM to provide what’s domestic.
You can think of all what makes good breakfast,
With much more to enjoy till the meal-show is last.
Hence, come with your friends and family.
As we believe in customer satisfaction,
So, we supply what’s durable and quality.

Samanti Super-Market,
You’ve created room for employment.
So, some can make money in the pocket.
In order to ensure there’s self development.
Factually, some of the products are exotic
Thus, I whisper in your ears to be at Bambolino Bus Stop.
At Lapaz of Accra where you can shop to feel on top
Like the kings and queens with flowers of Lilly.
Of course, this is SSM poetry as appellation.
Thanks for its reading and listening in mutuality.

Written By: www.facebook.com/ipoetrician


SSM Logo + Flyer

SADOD 2018

Samanti Annual Day Of Donation – SADOD By Samanti Group Of Companies – SGOC & Samanti SuperMarket – SSM.

It’s an eventful week as Samanti SuperMarket – SSM officially opened its first ever branch at a location in Lapaz of Accra, Ghana – West Africa. Aside, on Tuesday 31st July, 2018 at around 11am close to mid-day the leadership and management of Samanti Group Of Companies – SGOC and Samanti SuperMarket – SSM assembled  and made their presence felt at the ‘Accra Psychiatric Hospital’ located at Asylum Down in Accra, Ghana. In fact, it’s a bit sunny day of donation led by Honourable Kenneth Kofi Anim, family and friends of ‘Samanti Group Of Companies – SGOC’ and ‘Samanti SuperMarket – SSM’.

It’s the usual annual generosity in a form of donation to the less-fortunate and need in the society. Notable among the in attendance were his better-half Mrs. Christiana Dufie Anim, chidren namely Kenneth N.A.Anim Jr., Heavenly Anim, Briana Anim, Nasdasia O. Anim, business partner Mr. James Quaye and others. Prior to the donation, there’s significant off-loading of items by Francis Okai, staff of Samanti SuperMarket, Eugene …. and other in-mates as well as staff of the premises who also supported in the off-loading of goods to be donated.

It’s around 12 pm, when items such as bags of rice, assorted soft drinks, loaves of bread, purified bottled water and other less used clothes all meant for the in-mates of Accra Psychiatric Hospital. After the short presentation of items to the leadership of the hospital, one health worker took the SGOC leadership and SSM staff on special ward to ward tour which was a form of interactive session centered on the happenings there.

It’s quite incredible, yet heart-warming moment when one female in-mate who according to information available she stabbed someone to death as a result of lunacy, thus she’s creatively learnt the act of beads-making to produce key-holders. Therefore, team leader and CEO of SGOC Mr.K.K.A bought all the colourful key-holders worth 100 Cedis which is much more than the normal price. But, it’s another act of generosity on part of the Philanthropic and Business executive.

It’s time of departure from the Accra Psychriatic Hospital around 1 pm as media partners such Adom TV, Peace FM and other print media journalist also left the scene by their various cars. Most definitely, it’s unforgettable ‘Samanti Annual Day Of Donation – SADOD’ which was made possible by kind courtesy Honourable Kenneth Kofi Anim, who as well works with UN Youth Ghana as Director of Special Projects and Chairman of ‘Voice Of Ghanaians Abroad – VOGA’.



For Interviews And More WhatsApp: +233 201911355 , Direct Call: +233 267117700


SSM – GOO – Day 2

It’s 30th July,2018 as it marked Day of Samanti Super-Market Grand Official Opening event which took place at the forecourt of SSM premises.Thus,held at the ground floor of House Of Laine located opposite ‘Bambolino Bust Stop’ Off George Bush Highway, Motorway N! at Lapaz in Accra the capital of Ghana,West Africa. To be precise, specific and concise, it’s also first ever activity dubbed ‘Shop And Chop – SAC’ being a special initiative to attract, promote and encourage people of all walks of lives to come buy products of all kinds at ‘Samanti Super-Market’ as they enjoyed food and drinks.

During the program  Monday morning, there’s set-up of public address system as speakers,console and microphone. Thus,whilst various genre of music was playing then intermittently Samanti hypist and typist ‘Ike Boat’ who was the MC of Day 1 grand official opening voiced out the happenings at the shop as a means of lively commentary to passersby on the pavement as well those driving cars on the principal road bring a Highway at Lapaz community in Accra.

It’s worthwhile to state that this event attracted both young and old alike on their dancing feet as DJ Blinks, DJ Giovanni and DJ… played music sponsored by ‘Samanti Group Of Companies – SGOC’ in collaboration with BigHeads Technologies Company operators of ‘Reality Soundz’. There was period of one-on-one interactivity with the customers as they spoke to passersby audience regarding their blissful experience having being part and parcel of ‘Shop And Chop – SAC’ at Samanti Super-Market.

Factually, all the happenings of ‘SSM-GOO’ Day 2 was organized,supervised and directed by the Founder,CEO,Chairman,Boss and International Director of ‘Samanti Group Of Companies – SGOC’ in the personality Mr.Kenneth K.Anim an Entrepreneur and Business Executive.

The ‘Shop And Chop – SAC’ of ‘SSM Grand Official Opening’ Day 2 brought about  fun in terms of entertainment whilst customers and folks were treated with some delicious ‘Eddy’s Pizza’ and drinks in abundance.

As you end reading this publication, i urge you any time or next time you need a serene and convivial atmosphere to shop with families and friends.Kindly,make ‘Samanti Super-Market’ your place of call. Thank you.

Below is the location and contact details of ‘Samanti Super-Market #SSM’.

Locational Address:

*House Of Laine’

Ground Floor – Space,

Opposite Bambolino Bus Stop.

Off George Bush Highway, N1 Motorway

Across-The-Road,Diagonal Opposite Access Bank

Lapaz, Accra – Ghana, West Africa.

Phone Contact: +233 507 8826 74 , +233 277 217 727

Email Address: ssm233online@gmail.com

Blog-Page: http://www.ssm233.blogspot.com

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ssmarket233





SSM-GOO – Day 1

In life, there comes a time when we come together to celebrate, commemorate and appreciate as a means of honouring or giving recognition to the works of people with respect to great things they’ve done in our societies. There’s also a moment to outdoor, launch or open new chapter of a book, a baby or establish a company. Certainly, day by bay, month after month, and even year after year, there are happenings we see to be practically symbolic and officially significant, thus being note-worthy. Well, Saturday 28th July, 2018 will forever remain unforgettable in the business archives and framework-fraternity of ‘Samanti Group Of Companies-SGOC’ and the general public at large. Quite remarkable, it marked the grand official opening of its first branch shopping centre dubbed ‘Samanti SuperMarket – SSM’ at the ground floor  specificially at the forecourt of ‘House Of Laine’ opposite ‘Bambolino Bus Stop’ off George Bush Highway, N1 Motorway within the suburban community of Lapaz, Accra capital of Ghana, West Africa.

Importantly, this well-thought, structured and scheduled event was organized and sponsored by the Founder, CEO , Chairman and International Director of ‘Samanti Group Of Companies-SGOC’ in the personality of Mr.Kennth Kofi Anim, a dual citizen of Ghana and USA respectively. The following are some of the high-light in relation to program lined-up during the official grand opening of ‘Samanti SuperMarket’. Well, commencement of activities took place at 5pm as the opening prayer was led by Mr.Etse Mawuenyega. It’s continued with introduction of the Chairperson which was done by Mr.Ayo Brown who instrumentally supported as Co-MC of the evening.Mr. Prince Dickson Jand of Kendick Global Marine Company Limited was chosen as Chairman of the august function. Besides, he’s called to deliver a brief role acceptance speech which ended in less than five (5) minutes.

In line with the planned-program, a young up-coming poetess by name Briana Anim who’s the second-born daughter of SGOC CEO shared a special written poem entitled ‘Samanti SuperMarket-SSM’ to the cheerful applauds of audience present. After her two-stanza poem recital, Miss Nasdasia Anim was also called to the microphone in reading a professional biography of ‘Samanti Group Of Companies-SGOC’ CEO and Founder, for which she did it brilliantly to attract awesome run of applauds as well. Immediately after, it’s quite motivational and inspirational moment when the SGOC over-all Boss was called to throw-light on how the name ‘Samanti’ and entirety of its company came to existence. It’s crystal clear moment of revelation to the audience admiration when he stated that ‘Samanti’ was born-out of his grandfather’s name ‘Mr. Sampson Anim Ntiamoah’ who took good care of him whilst alive. Thus, he creatively used his names in abridged form as a registered company name in USA and Ghana. As a matter of fact, he motivated and inspired the guest present by sharing his life-lessons of struggles and blessed times as well. There’re musical sessions by DJ Blinks and others on the console made possible by Reality Sounds of Big-Heads Technologies. (IT Company).

Needless to say, there was food in abundance coupled with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for all to wine and dine with hearts of merriment, which sufficiently made it easy for some neigbourhood folks at the venue to benefit satisfactorily from all the provisions as in grilled Tilapia, Kenkey, Fried Chicken, Barbeque and much more by the pro-catering hands of Don Sonnie. There was another crucial period, when an up and coming musician by name ‘HoliCena’ sung his recorded tracks to the admiration of audience in attendance. Lest I forget, the red Ribbon-Cut moment was supported by Mr. Alfred Addo Acheampong, Mrs.Abyna Otiema Acheampong, Mrs.Christiana Dufie Anim (SGOC CEO’s wife) and Managing Director of Samanti Mother-Care, sub-shop of the Samanti SuperMarket, also on the colourful designed red, blue and white robes were Mr. Kenneth Kofi Anim as well as Chairman of the program. Essentially, it’s quite symbolic viz signifying when the Ribbon was caught to indicate official opening of SSM to the people of Lapaz, Accra as a whole and Ghana in general.

Incredibly, some of the VIP guests in attendance were Dr. Godwin Abogka and Mrs. Priscilla Abogka as they traveled all the way from Houston, Texas to grace the occasion. It’s good to state that attendees also showed appreciation by engaging the ‘Samanti SuperMarket-SSM’ staff members: Linda Afranie, Comfort Owusua, Emmanuel Appu and Francis Okai in buying huge sums of products ranging from liquid to solid items. It’s creditably quick customer service scene marking good maiden public sales at Samanti Super-Market. Of course, this publication can never be completed without stating some of the media organizations and personalities who honoured invitation to attend ‘Samanti Super-Market-SSM’ Grand Official Opening (SSM-GOO).Therefore, kudos to Mrs. Madonna Opong, Co-Host of ‘No Name Weekend Show’ and Mr. Fifi Folson, regular Host of Sunset Drive on Sunny 88.7 FM in Accra, Ghana. The Multi-Media Group also made it possible in terms coverage on Adom TV and radio news respectively. Obviously, SSM-GOO attracted lots of Guest visitors from Houston,Texas in USA and others from Europe, thus both young and old alike. Some of the supported individuals were Miss Jane Morgan of Victorious Ellaine Limited who worked on some aspect of the event decorations and set-ups. Also, Big-Heads Technologies (IT Company) staff body contributed to the success of the SSM-GOO. Lo, last but not least ‘Samanti Super-Market’ Day 1 Grand Official Opening was MCeed or Emceed by the Award-Winning ‘Poet/Spoken-Word Artiste’, Publicist, Blogger, Advertiser , Promoter and Media Analyst ‘Ike Boat’. Thank for reading. Kindly, locate or contact Samanti Super-Market via the following Address:

House Of Laine,

Opposite Bambolino Bus-Stop

Off George Bush Highway,N1 Motorway

Lapaz, Accra. Ghana, West Africa.

Email: ssm233online@gmail.com

Phone: +233 277217727 , +233 507882674


Editorial Concerns: ikeboat@writeme.com   Direct Call: +233 267117700




Pro-Bio: Mr. Kenneth K. Anim

Mr. Kenneth Kofi Anim is an all-rounder private development and business consultant with a little over a decade of diverse experiences in Public, Private Sector and Non-Governmental operations. He’s a Distinguished Leader and Policy Analyst with numerous Inspirational and Motivational Quotes which are often shared on social media platforms to inspire, educate and motivate various classes of audiences to bring about life development and success.

He started his basic education and academic studies at Young Christian Preparatory and Junior High School (JHS) in the metropolitan city of Takoradi, Western Region of Ghana. With regard to Second Cycle education he attended Accra Academy High School in the capital city of Ghana. In the year 2001, he had the opportunity to travel to USA in furthering his education, where he had his Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgy Engineer at Louisiana State University in Louisiana, U.S.A.

He has successfully been trained in Leadership, Management and Conflict Resolution at University of Phoenix, Houston Campus. Creditably, he has also attended several Workshops, Conferences in Leadership both on the national front and international frontier. Being a man with sense of generosity, he has donated, sponsored and supported so many charity courses and NGOs both in Ghana and elsewhere around the globe. He’s undoubtedly a hardworking business man with the spirit, characteristics and skills of Entrepreneurship coupled with good citizenship ideologies.

As a man with heart for learning, he has been trained and certified as Peer Educator in relation to business by Pyramid ODI LLC in Houston, Texas. Additionally, he has had a classroom and field training as a Marine Merchant by the United States Coast Guard in U.S.A. To spice it up, he is a trained and experienced Quality Control and Quality Assurance Professional. Besides, he has served as Quality Supervisor at RTI International Metal, an Aerospace Company in Houston, Texas U.S.A. Before that he became the lead Machine Operator at Goodman Manufacturing, Air Conditioning and Heating Company in Houston, Texas U.S.A.

Being a man of valour with vision and mission, he owns the ‘Samanti Group Of Company – SGOC’ as its Founder, Chairman, CEO and International Director (ID). Of course, SGOC is a thriving organization with branches in Houston, Texas U.S.A, Ghana and soon to reach locations in Europe as well as Asia.

Mr. Kenneth K. Anim, has also served as an Executive in various organizations both in Ghana and abroad. Between the year 2010 and 2012, he was the Youth Coordinator for Ghanaian Association of Houston, Texas in U.S.A. He is currently the Director of Special Projects with respect to UN Youth Ghana and also the chairman of ‘Voice Of Ghanaians Abroad – VOGA’.

Last but not least, he has represented many investors in Africa and currently the African Consultant for Triton Solar LLC, a Solar Energy Company based in U.S.A besides he is an Oil Consortium representing Oil & Gas Suppliers in Ghana from U.S.A.

He’s a Christian at heart and responsible husband to Mrs. Christiana Dufie Anim. And they are happily blessed with four (4) children, namely Nasdasia Oforiwa Anim, Briana Otema Anim, Heavenly Maame Nimo Anim and Kenneth Nana Addo Anim Jnr.

Thanks For Taking Time To Read. For any further info and media related interviews or enquiry Contact his ‘PA – Personal Assistant’ and ‘PR – Public Relations’ affairs via WhatsApp: +233 20 191 1355

Samanti Super-Market

On behalf of the ownership and leadership of SSM Founded by CEO Mr. Kenneth Kofi Anim  and Mrs. Christina Afia Anim ‘Samanti Group Of Companies – SGOC’ we  officially welcome you to the all-new, multi-furnished ‘Samanti Super-Market’. At SSM, as we serve you with high quality and durable products such as bags of rice, cooking oil, canned tomatoes, unisex deodorant, toilet tissues, pampers & wipes, drinks, coolers and so much more. In fact, for all your durable exotic and domestic household items and food stuffs. We meet your expectation with both wholesale and retail products at affordable prices.
Better still, we ease your shopping experience with our swift delivery service and give you cordial customer service coupled with satisfaction from Sunday to Saturday.
If you live in USA, Canada, or any of the European Countries, and you are visiting Ghana, no need to ship any Household items or food stuffs. We got you covered. We have items from USA and Europe. We are One Stop Shop in Ghana.
Locate ‘Samanti Super-Market- SSM’ at House of Laine, Bambolino Bus Stop. Off Motorway N1, Lapaz Accra. Ghana. (West Africa).
* Call us: +233 (0)277217727
                 +233 (0)507882674
                 +233 (0)560582225
Email Address: ssm233online@gmail.com
Think Quality, Choose Samanti
Indelible Remarks, Customer Pride.
SSM Logo...

SSM Ad-Jingle Script

Hola,Hola,Hola !!!

Let’s sing Hosanna,Hosanna,Hosanna as i welcome you to the all-new multi-furnished ‘Samanti Super-Market’. At SSM,you can get affordable and high quality products such as Foodstuffs,Toiletries and many more. In fact,for all your durable exotic and domestic household items you can count on us to provide. We serve you with both Wholesale and Retail products at a minimumcost.

Ach so, another good-news is that we have swift delivery service to ease your shopping experience with ‘Samanti Super-Market’.

Locate us @ House of Laine,Bambolino Bus Stop. Off Motorway N1, Lapaz. Accra.
Call us on Phone Numbers: 0277217727 or 0507882674 and 0560582225

Samanti Super-Market – Think Quality, Choose Samanti, Indelible Remarks and Customer Pride.

Background Song: #Credit KODA —> Hosanna
Voice-Over: Ike Boat #Poetrician
Sound Engineer: Emmanuel Famiyeh #DrGee
Executive Director & Producer: Mister KKA #BigManKen  


SSM Logo.jpg



LOT <— Spoken-Word Script – SWS

Life Of Transformation,
LOT comes through Him alone.
Even things which remain undone,
Like the genesis of creation,
When God put the pieces together
Even before, we’re zygote in the womb of mother.

Life Of Transformation,
LOT brings to bear renewal of the mind.
As in the Scriptures, ‘Metanoia’ Ancient lingua you can find,
That’s when His Spirit communicate with us through revelation,
Behold, He’s the Master of change
No matter, how we picture His heavenly range.

Life Of Transformation,
LOT not about the possession of wealth.
But, how you and I can live long through His divine health,
Abba – Father, is the sole pivotal solution,,
Well, the world system see it different
Lo, it quite unfortunate due to the associate intent.

Life Of Transformation,
LOT as you accept Him as your Saviour.
In order to have positive character and behavior,
By virtue of price-paid on the cross, to aid our redemption,
That’s when we’re living in the shameful act of sin
Yet He rescued us from destruction of hell and dirt-death like a dust-bin.

Life Of Transformation,
LOT lies in the bosom of those who believe.
And have kept His message in their heart, not to deceive,
That’s what leads to eternal promotion,
Beloved, this is specially for you today
In Biblical context, as you soul live to stay and not decay.

Life Of Transformation – LOT


Written By Ike Boat – Poetrician ‘Award-Winning Spoken-Word Artiste
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ikeboatofficial
WhatsApp Contact +233 234705093 Vocal Call: +233 267117700


ICU – Poem

I Can’t Understand – ICU <— Title Of Poem (TOP)

I can’t understand,
ICU, not until ‘I See You’.
Why this to our fellow ‘Old Saint’?
Who’s studied to reach extra-mile on our land.
Really, my heart’s broken and soul about to faint.
Why such gruesome murder, you people of Denkyira Obuasi?
No,I can’t even think far to compare you to folks of Kumasi.
Captain Maxwell Adams Mahama demands justice,
To ensure those hot bloody hands become cold like morning ice.
His death is brutally bad!

I can’t understand,
ICU, not until ‘I See You’.
Why this to our fellow ‘Old Saint’?
Am sure he didn’t use the pistol to rob or command.
But, in your numbers lynched and spilled his blood like the paint.
Why all of you, the village multitude,
With such a barbaric inhuman attitude.
Pictures and images of his lifeless body brings emotion,
That’s why we can’t ignore it attention, not to mention.
His death makes me mad!

I can’t understand,
ICU, not until ‘I See You’.
Why this to our fellow ‘Old Saint’?
So, you dared maltreated him, handsome man in the sand.
How come you collapsed his joint?
After all, he’s not a predator,
But, you burned and turned to be his perpetrator.
This lives and leads the ‘Poetrician’ absolutely uncomfortable,
And the lives of ‘The Saints’ unbearable and unforgettable.
His death has made us so sad!